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Who We Are

Our integrated marketing agency is a diverse blend of B2B marketing professionals – from seasoned consultants to rising stars, with a wide range of skills, perspectives and backgrounds.

We don’t limit our thinking and contributions to our titles and we encourage diversity of thinking and approach. We know we are measured by our clients’ success, so we keep that top of mind.

Our mantra is ‘Good to Great. Innovate’. To get from good to great (thanks to Jim Collins and his book of that name), we know we need to continually find smarter ways for our clients to engage with their target audience. Each team member is tasked to be the expert in a nominated digital area, to challenge the way we do things today and set new standards.

Our Team



Andrew Haussegger

Group Account Director

Sam Sinclair

Rochelle-Creative-Strategy Rochelle-sanko-greenhat-creative-director

Creative Director

Rochelle Sanko

Head of Digital

Hunter Simmons

Head of Content and Social Media

Shawn Low

Sean Hanneberry-Strategic Consultant Sean Hanneberry-Strategic Consultant-Greenhat-marketing

Strategic Consultant

Sean Hanneberry

Helen-Richards_Commercial-Manager-GreenHat Helen-Richards_Commercial-Manager-GreenHat-marketing

Commercial Manager

Helen Richards

Caroline-Leslie_Senior-Editor-Content-Strategist Caroline-Leslie_Senior-Editor-Content-Strategist-GreenHat

Senior Editor & Content Strategist

Caroline Leslie


Senior Marketing Consultant

Tushar Warrier

Liza-Coats_Digital-Automation-Manager-GreenHat Liza-Coats_Digital-Automation-Manager-GreenHat-Marketing

Account Director

Liza Coats

Emma-Dickson_Account-Manager-Greenhat Emma-Dickson_Account-Manager-Greenhat-Marketing

Senior Account Manager

Emma Dickson

Senior Account Manager

Natashka Miernik

Li-Jane-Lim_Account-Executive-GreenHat-Marketing Li-Jane-Lim_Account-Executive-GreenHat-Marketing-services

Account Executive

Li Jane Lim

David-Stalker_Account-Executive David-Stalker_Account-Executive-GreenHat-Marketing

Account Executive

David Stalker

Anna-matasic-UI-UX-designer-manager Anna-matasic-UI-UX-designer-manager-greenhat-marketing

UX/UI Design Manager

Anna Matasic

Liam-Jeal_Senior-Designer_GreenHat-Marketing Liam-Jeal_Senior-Designer_GreenHat

Senior Designer

Liam Jeal

Graphic Designer Associate

Amanda Restovic

Green-hat-Content-producer Natasha-Sidiropoulos-Content-producer

Content Producer

Natasha Sidiropoulos

Social Media & Content Marketing Specialist

Matthew Sprague

Emma-westwood_Senior-Content-Producer-Greenhat Emma-westwood_Senior-Content-Producer-Greenhat-marketing

Senior Content Producer

Emma Westwood

Greenhat-SEO-SEM-Consultant SEO-SEM-Digital-Consultant_Greenhat-Marketing

SEO/SEM Digital Consultant

Minsha Mueen

Marketing Automation Specialist

Tony Gay

Tom-Baker_Data Analyst_Greenhat-Analytics-Expert Tom-Baker_Data Analyst_Greenhat-Marketing

Digital & Data Specialist

Tom Baker

Vivek-Ashok-Digital-Marketing-Associate-GreenHat Digital-Marketing-Associate-GreenHat

Digital Marketing Specialist

Vivek Ashok

Senior Web Developer

Maysa Hakmeh

Nish-patel_Senior-Web-Developer_GreenHat Nish-patel_Senior-Web-Developer_GreenHat-marketing

Senior Web Developer

Nisha Patel

David-kee-research-and-tele-consultant Green-hat-Research-Consultant

Research Consultant

David Kee

Carmen_Marketing-&-Operations-Support-Specialist-Greenhat Carme-San-Diego_Marketing-&-Operations-Support-Specialist-Greenhat

Marketing & Operations Support Specialist

Carmen San Diego

Allison-Gardiner_Finance-Support-Specialist-GreenHat-Marketing Finance-Support-Specialist-GreenHat-Marketing

Finance Support Specialist

Allison Gardiner

Schmoozer Extraordinaire


Double Trouble

Pepa & Luna

Couch Potato


Advisory Board


Lindsay Holloway Chairman

Lindsay is the Managing Director of William Buck, heading the Executive team who manage the strategic direction of the firm. Lindsay has broad experience including over 25 years in accounting, taxation, superannuation…

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Marc Makrid

Marc Makrid is Managing Director of Marc Makrid & Associates, a leading strategic business advisory consultancy established in 1993. His previous Senior Executive positions include Director of Marketing SA Brewing, and Deputy Managing Director of Dairyvale Foods.

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Tim Brewin

Tim brings significant B2B management and strategy expertise to the board. He has 30+ years’ experience leading and advising C-suite and senior executives in professional services firms across the IT and Human Resources industry sectors.

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Jesus Requena

Jesus Requena is a tech-savvy digital marketing entrepreneur with broad experience across customer experience (CX) and the automation of marketing.

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Andrew Haussegger

Andrew is Co-founder and CEO at Green Hat. He started his working life as a software engineer and now has 15+ years’ experience in B2B marketing.

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We’re Helping Kiva Help Others

Kiva is a non-profit organisation with a mission to connect people through micro-finance lending to alleviate poverty.

We like what they do. We support Kiva borrowers in the developing world by lending directly from Green Hat, and on behalf of our clients.

Kiva enables individuals to lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. Kiva envisions a world where all people – even in the most remote areas of the globe – hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.

100% of every dollar we lend on Kiva goes directly towards funding loans. We like that too. Kiva is primarily funded through the support of lenders making optional donations and also raises funds through grants, corporate sponsors and other philanthropic foundations.

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