AI Email Assistant:
Cutting through Marketing Leads Clutter

Marketing leads can often be ignored or underworked which has been a source of friction between B2B Sales and Marketing teams, leading to insufficient follow-up, forgotten leads and missed revenue opportunities.

AI Email Assistant, also referred to as Conversational Email, is a tool that combines the latest in artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help sales and marketing teams automate email outreach and increase lead conversion rates.

Attend this webinar to learn how the AI Email Assistant can:

  • Deliver personalised emails to prospects throughout each step of their buying process
  • Help you pre-qualify inbound leads and proactively engage prospects with AI assistance
  • Introduce the human sales person at the appropriate time in the buying process

Register now:

Date: Thursday 02 Nov 23
Time: 12pm AEDT, 9am SGT

Our Expert Speakers

Ami Arad

Principal Product Evangelist at 6Sense

Leslie Whitsitt

Senior Solutions Consultant at 6sense

Tushar Warrier

Head of Marketing at Green Hat
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