In conjunction with the launch of the 11th edition of our Green Hat / AMI B2B Marketing Research Report 2021 we hosted a four-part webinar series with an exciting line-up of industry leaders including Mark Ritson, Carlos Hidalgo, Jesus Requena and more!

We deep dived into topics including: B2B Marketing in Australia, Account-Based Marketing (ABM), B2B Branding and a special session on popular topics as voted by the series attendees (B2B strategy, sales & marketing alignment, and customer experience). Register below to watch all four videos on demand.


Meet the Marketing Gurus


Professor Mark Ritson,

Virtual Marketing Professor
Branding in B2B

Jesus Requena,

VP of Growth at Algolia (USA)
Account-Based Marketing

Carlos Hidalgo,

B2B Evangelist, CMO Coach, International Speaker (USA)
What’s hot in B2B

Our CMO Panellists


Lynda Cavalera,

Chairperson, Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)

Trisca Scott-Branagan,

Head of Personalisation, Group Marketing, ANZ Bank

Mitchell Mackey,

General Manager Marketing,
Fauto Group

Your Hosts


Andrew Haussegger,

CEO, Green Hat

Shawn Low,

Head of Content & Social, Green Hat

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