Green Hat is proud to represent BBN International downunder in Australia and New Zealand.
Who is BBN? A global B2B marketing and communications agency collective with locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.








BBN has the power of big global agencies without the costly overhead but with the execution agility! We have the reach into all pockets of the globe to provide innovative and consistent B2B marketing solutions. Our combined expertise covers all facets of B2B including strategy, research, creative, digital, automation, ABM, all forms of digital experience, content and PR. As well, we have access to vast industry expertise and insights across many sectors.
Strong national agencies with a common ethos

BBN is a collaborative agency-owned organisation, with every agency partner an equity shareholder. Every local office was started by local entrepreneurs and hand-selected by BBN for their B2B expertise and specialism.

In short, we are a collection of the strongest independent national agencies in the world’s key markets – with a common ethos, collaborative culture and streamlined processes. This means experiencing the creative flair and personal attention of an independent local agency, with the international support of a truly global agency.

52 offices connected by one global platform

The BBN Navigator platform is the world’s only, truly integrated B2B marketing toolset. It streamlines the way we guide clients from brand and contact strategy to campaign implementation consistently, across all 52 of our global office locations.

We collaborate daily in real time across territories to support our clients in every discipline. Our global service matrix model ensures that our clients have access to the exact skills, industry expertise and geographic footprint that they need, where and when they need it.

BBN Brings B2B Leadership and IP

We didn’t just join BBN to give us great B2B global coverage. BBN brings world-class IP and talent to solve the biggest B2B problems for global customers. We collectively believe in consistency and scalability in a global world where effectiveness and efficiency is as important as creativity.

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