Case Study

Criterion Conferences


Criterion Conferences was looking for a digital marketing strategy to turn them into a customer-driven organisation, align their Sales and Marketing teams, and grow revenue through generating quality leads. One of the main challenges was the company’s traditional marketing approach to their customers.

Their strategy was transactional and focussed on revenue, rather than on customer experience. The company’s Sales and Marketing teams were not aligned, with Sales having a strong influence in how the Marketing team interacted with current customers. Criterion Conferences wanted to generate leads through increasing brand engagement and having authentic conversations with prospective customers.


We helped Criterion Conferences to transform their marketing strategy, moving from a transactional sales-focussed approach to a personalised customer-centric experience. We worked with the company to develop customer personas and implemented marketing technology to increase their agility in speaking with customers.

We increased digital engagement by sharing and creating new content for potential and existing customers, and nurturing customers on their journey with Criterion Conferences. We increased engagement by personalising content, using customer journey mapping, and aligned the Sales and Marketing teams to maximise both the company’s and the customer’s goals.


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