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Our client is a leader in IT consulting and application services with 1,000+ consultants serving mid-large enterprise. It had ‘productised’ some of its service offerings into cloud applications, and now provided them as Software as a Service. The challenge was to drive awareness of this new capability to current customers as well as a new ‘white space’ segment, generate qualified interest for the SaaS services, as well as leverage this ‘product’ to sell its custom IT services.


We jointly selected one of the SaaS applications as first cab off the rank. At the core of the campaign was paid advertising, retargeting and Google Adwords (PPC). We worked over weeks and months to optimise keywords, ad creative and copy to determine best ads and drive up conversion on the site. The result being significant online impressions and site visits (brand building) and, more importantly for our client, a strong pipeline of relevant leads for sales pursuit.

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