Summer’s hot B2B summer holiday reads


People make jokes about my name all the time. Regardless of the season. Summer loving. Summer breeze. Summer of … yeah, nice one Bryan Adams. But, anyway, bring on the endless summer! This post will be scorchingly puntastic. Here is what I expect to heat up in B2B marketing in 2018…

LinkedIn will keep getting hotter.

The professional networking platform got serious about social advertising this year and, wisely, Microsoft turned to Facebook for inspiration. We’ll be seeing more B2B brands publishing native video, targeting matched audiences, and posting short blog-style status updates (1300 characters max). My prediction for what’s next? Matched audiences by mobile number. Are we feeling some LinkedIn summer loving?

AI is making us suddenly last summer.

The future has arrived. Robots can write advertising copy. ‘Sophia’ became the first robot to be granted citizenship of a country. AI experts say there is a 50 per cent chance that machines will outperform humans in all tasks within 45 years. This article is about a conference where marketers and a machine program were asked to predict the lead conversion rate of a page upon first viewing it and – spoiler alert – the machine won. What does all this mean for humanity? I’m with Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk on this one. I’ve got that summertime sadness…

Content marketing is hot, hot, hot.

Our B2B Marketing Research Report 2018 (to be released soon!) found B2B marketers named content development in their top three areas of investment.  Content marketing is the feel-good hit of the summer. Here are some more summertime trends too.

B2B influencer marketing heats up. 

We’re not talking about cash for comment-type scenarios. We’re talking about engaging your employees to be genuine brand ambassadors: to social share, post and shout out. This article has case studies including IBM and Microsoft.

So, that’s it. We’re all going on a summer holiday. If you need more summertime, you could always create a Summer playlist on Spotify (song names included in this post to get you started!). Ok, I’ll be listening to Tori Amos’ Winter now to cool down.

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