BMR 2017: Customer Experience is trending

B2B Research Report 2017

Green Hat, in conjunction with the Association for Data Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), has released its 7th annual BMR report, unearthing data and insights from more than 300 B2B organisations nationwide.

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Customer Experience has emerged as the most significant priority for 2017, and the most difficult.

95% of respondents say it is their number one focus, yet 49% say it was the most challenging area of business in 2016 and less than half have a documented strategy addressing it.

95% of B2B orgs say Customer Experience is a top priority, but remains a challenge: BMR 2017 Click To Tweet

Other key findings include:

    • 37% of B2B orgs do not know or track the source of a Sales lead
    • 45% (less than half) of B2B orgs have shared roles and goals between Sales & Marketing
    • Facebook is catching up to LinkedIn for B2B Marketing, with Facebook up 10% from 2016
    • 83% of B2B orgs actively use LinkedIn; 21% are now using Instagram
    • B2B Marketing Automation adoption has grown from 47% in 2014 to 63% in 2016; only 42% of platforms are CRM integrated
    • 50% of B2B orgs have a documented Content Marketing strategy for 2017
    • Only 20% of B2B orgs clearly measure & communicate Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)
    • 56% of B2B marketers want to be better at Innovation
37% of B2B orgs do not know or track the source of a Sales lead: BMR 2017 Click To Tweet

Thanks to our research supporters: ADMA, Salesforce, B2B Marketing Leaders Forum, Marketing Magazine and B2B Marketing (UK).

The findings in this article refer to the 2017 BMR Report – please head here to download your free 2018 BMR Report.


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