Recently the team from Green Hat went along to the Marketo User Group held in Melbourne to talk about and discover the latest and greatest offerings in the Marketo sphere of automation. Some of our key takeaways were:

Engagement Everywhere

Marketo’s new offering named Ad Bridge allows you to extend your marketing activities and nurture programs beyond the realm of emails and landing pages and into online advertising. Through the powerful connection we can now build smart lists based off advance logic within the Marketo and publish this into LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to better extend your communications with your audience.

Greater Personalisation

With the introduction of the new Real-time Personalisation (RTP) in conjunction with Marketo, we are now able to create meaningful, targeted content offers for those who are browsing our pages even if they aren’t known in the CRM. Using firmographic and behavioural data, Marketo believes we can drive conversion rates by 30% and increase content consumption by 270%!

Mobilisation of Marketo

Marketo is now offering greater connectivity through two new Mobile products. The first is the Marketo Sales Integration within Salesforce1 which means you can see your ‘Lead Feed’ and add contacts to a Marketo campaign from within your mobile app. In addition the introduction of Marketo Moments means those using Marketo are able to check campaign progress and results from their smartphone.

One other great new update discussed was the introduction of the new Marketo community which makes problem solving and accessing information a breeze. In addition the new guided landing pages mean that there is greater customisation and flexibility around the creation of webpages and landing pages to drive contacts to.

If you have any questions for our Marketo experts or want to hear about the latest trends in marketing automation, please drop us a line at

Melbourne Marketo Users Group

Tom Baker
Tom has been a part of Green Hat’s automation team for more than three years as a one of our Digital Marketing & Automation Specialists. His focus has been primarily on Marketo, driving forward numerous implementations and continuing on the journey with his clients to produce personalised experiences through automation. Tom also has a deep level of expertise in Green Hat’s preferred Business Intelligence platform, Domo, possessing strong skills in data transformation and dashboard visualisation.