What makes a successful lead generation campaign?

While there are no guarantees when humans are part of the equation, there are certain elements that go a long way to guaranteeing an impact and driving desired behaviours or actions.

As a digital strategist, I’m often asked, “What makes you think this will work?” “Are you sure we’ll hit our target?”

Creating a logical stepped journey will help your audience make decisions quicker. Click To Tweet

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Here’s a handy checklist that should help you craft a lead generation campaign that works:

  • Be clear about your audiences’ need – picture it, feel it, know it (don’t guess).
  • How are you going to fix it or address it?
  • Who are you talking to? Speak their language in their context – don’t ‘mimic’ it.
  • Take time to do research on the current state of your target industry. What other messages is your audience receiving?
  • Assess competitor positioning. How are you honestly different?
  • Have stakeholders agree what success looks like, framed with clear expectations and measures of success.
  • Create a simple workflow for your audience to follow – don’t over complicate.
  • Consider integrating several different tactics to cater for the time-poor.

Creating a logical stepped journey that feels natural will help your audience make decisions quicker.

That doesn’t mean making your communications devoid of emotion – in fact, empathy and emotion are the most powerful hooks we have as marketers.

Just make sure your message is easy to understand. This is also a measure of respect – you respect your audience’s time, so don’t waste it with waffle (particularly about how great you are).

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Remember, this checklist applies to any channel.

The B2B lead playing field is fragmented and diverse. In-person events, social media, phone calls, emails, SEO, paid media… it can all work, and works together (a little like a multi-headed hydra).

Do your lead generation homework and you’ll come as close as you can to guaranteed results.

How to create a lead generation campaign that works

Samantha Sinclair
With over two decades of experience in marketing, Samantha has worked across a range of sectors, specialising in ICT and professional services, and built skills across client relationship, marketing strategy and people leadership. She is passionate about customer experience and has built strategies that work to enhance the customer’s journey at every touchpoint.