Targeting ‘In-Market’ Accounts:
The Next-Generation of B2B Marketing

Latané Conant was voted one of the best keynotes at the recent B2B Marketing Leaders Forum in Sydney.

By popular demand, we brough her back from Chicago USA to Australia, but this time virtually.

Latané is the author of ‘No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls.’ – a breakthrough book offering B2B marketers a new approach to making a measurable difference within their organisations. She is also host of the Talking Sense podcast, a Forbes blogger and CMO of B2B tech leader 6sense.

She sets the scene with the question “Wouldn’t you be more effective if you knew which accounts were ‘in-market’ for your products and services?”. From there, she unpacks how that can be done today, allowing you to direct your investment to the accounts that matter.

Following Latané, our CEO Andrew Haussegger gives an example of Latané’s approach in action. He discusses the Korn Ferry case study – their ABM/X challenges, strategies and outcomes of the program to date.

Watch the webinar on-demand below.


Latané Conant
Author, Podcaster & 6sense CMO

Our Expert Speakers

Latané Conant

B2B Author, Podcaster and
CMO, 6sense

Andrew Haussegger

Co-Founder & CEO, Green Hat
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