Marketing Strategy centred around Customer Experience and Lifecycle Marketing

B2B buyers buy differently from B2C consumers. Their buying journey is more considered; it takes longer and usually involves more people. We help our clients build out the big picture to market to this complex B2B buying journey. We address brand, data, content, technology centred around the Customer Experience.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing Strategy

B2B buyers can take from many months to years before they become a customer. But how do you keep the conversation going for the long term so that when the customer is ready to buy, you’re front of mind? We understand the nuances of the lifecycle marketing process and think in terms of a buyer’s journey – all the way from prospect to customer to advocate.

  • Customer Experience and Journey Mapping
  • Persona Development
  • Lifecycle marketing automation
  • B2B lead generation and nurturing

Website & User Experience Strategy

In B2B, your website is your #1 sales person. It should provide compelling insights to drive initial interest. It needs to position your solution and difference with clarity and should have defined conversion paths. As a digital marketing agency, we believe a personalised customer experience is key to maintaining a competitive edge in a B2B world that is becoming ubiquitously digital.

  • B2B website strategy
  • B2B website design and development
  • UX strategy
  • UI strategy
  • Website conversion rate optimisation

Did you know 68% of Best-in-Class marketers are more likely to have a documented customer experience strategy?

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Green Hat would be a valued partner for any organisation seeking to drive best practice in both marketing strategy and implementation. Their attention to detail is second to none; the people and management clearly have the customer as their absolute priority in delivering valued and effective consultancy.

Glenn Flower, General Manager - Marketing, Telstra Wholesale

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