B2B lead generation – CMOs should build brand or a sales pipeline

The #1 objective of B2B marketers is to generate Sales-ready leads (Green Hat/ADMA B2B Marketing Report). Why? Because B2B businesses are sales driven, not marketing driven as in B2C. Effective lead generation drives new prospects into the ‘top of the funnel’ for systematic nurturing and lead progression.

Lead Lifecycle Marketing

B2B buyers travel though a ‘considered purchasing process’ before selecting a vendor. Our lifecycle marketing methodology starts with the buyer’s problem and defines the process, content, signals and communications that help us understand the buying stage and communicate our client’s response. And given both marketing and sales engage with the buyer, effective sales and marketing alignment ensures the buyer’s experience is consistent through their journey.

  • Lead generation and lead nurturing
  • Buyer’s journey marketing
  • B2B customer acquisition
  • B2B customer on-boarding and customer retention

B2B Lead Nurturing

Most leads generated by marketing are not ready to pass to sales. They need to be nurtured with the right content at the right time. Our lead nurturing model starts with content that matters to the buyer – not what matters to the seller. We help cultivate relationships by building trust in the brand, and position our client as an authority in their field – one the buyer wants to hear from more often.

  • Lead scoring
  • Lead nurturing streams
  • B2B lead management
  • Thought leadership marketing

"The campaign well-exceeded expectations, achieving 20% conversion rate for appointments and in some instances reducing the sale cycle to a record-breaking 38 days. We’re generating better qualified leads and building a systematic lead engine to generate more."

Paul Carew, General Manager, Tabcorp Gaming Services

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