“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness”

– Arthur C Nielsen

Our B2B research tells us the biggest challenge in B2B Marketing is measuring marketing ROI. You can’t effectively manage what you can’t measure. We use smart SaaS platforms to consolidate and correlate data from multiple digital data sources to give our clients clear, actionable insights into what’s working, what’s not and what’s needed next.

Dashboard Reporting for Stakeholders

Data needs to come together in one place in real-time to be really relevant. Too often, marketers get served reports from different tech platforms and then have the job of pulling them all together for their stakeholders. We’ve done the heavy-lifting to know what data matters, how to collect it and what to correlate so our clients can focus on applying insights – rather than the data-gathering process.

  • B2B analytics dashboards

Data Analytics Platforms

We’re data junkies. We believe the truth (and insights) are buried in the numbers. But having smart people is only part of the data solution. Smart analytics dashboards make all the difference. One of our favourites is Domo and we’ve designed analytics playbooks and Domo services to report real-time outcomes for agile response by our clients’ Sales teams.

  • Domo analytics and visualisation dashboards
  • B2B database build and maintenance
  • Contact database rental and purchase
  • Contact acquisition campaigns

“We’re so happy with the support we’re getting from everyone at Green Hat. You’re very responsive, proactive and great to work with. I never get the impression that we’re asking too much, and the solutions you suggest are spot on – so thank you!”

Malte Wehye, Marketing Manager - Pacific, Korn Ferry Hay Group

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