The first essential ingredient in B2B revenue marketing

We believe Marketing Automation is actually a process – not just software. Implementing an automation platform does not in itself create a high-performance B2B marketing machine. When the platform is underpinned by a well-defined plan and process, supported by experienced people, then you have the ingredients for B2B success. We’ve been putting this jigsaw puzzle together for our clients for over a decade.

Email Marketing

Email is still the #1 communications channel for B2B marketing. It’s the principal conduit used by marketing automation platforms to push messages and content to buyers. However, B2B mass email marketing has lost its impact as relevance becomes the key. Best-practice B2B marketers are using automation to send personalised content to sub-segments and seeing stronger engagement as a result.

Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs)

What does marketing automation do for you? Key benefits are lead nurturing, lead management and marketing operations productivity. And whether you’re using Marketo, Pardot, Oracle Eloqua, Hubspot or another platform, real ROI is realised when the MAP is connected to your CRM and key B2B digital channels including website CMS, social media platforms and media advertising services.

B2B Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is the science of applying ‘scores’ to demographic and behavioural attributes of the buyer. Leads with high scores set off alerts to Sales, who then follow up to drive the opportunity to close. Basic lead scoring systems allow you to track email and website response. Smarter systems offer lead ‘grading’ to rank demographic criteria and let you track multiple scores per contact.

“We have been automating our marketing with Green Hat since 2011. Importantly, they helped us develop lead nurturing and content marketing strategy for our enterprise and government segments. They have been optimising this ‘Insight’ program over that time to become a key channel in our customer communications.”

Shane Blandford, Marketing Director, Konica Minolta

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