Getting customers to find you

(Not You Having To Find Them)

B2B lead generation is changing. Modern marketers are deploying approaches to draw buyers in, not just going out to find them. Smart inbound marketing pulls the right audience, then deploys a strategy for converting initial interest into a CRM record. Lead nurturing processes are triggered to progress the prospect through to Sales readiness.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

We believe that the balance of power has shifted from the B2B seller to the B2B buyer, who can now find much of the information they need online for making informed purchase decisions – without picking up the phone to your Sales team. So it’s ever-more essential to get inbound marketing right. Great inbound marketing services programs combine compelling content, finely targeted communications and automated conversion processes.

  • B2B inbound marketing strategy
  • B2B content amplification
  • B2B marketing research and thought leadership
  • B2B advertising

B2B SEO Services

Effective B2B SEO is the cornerstone of a high-performance B2B digital marketing machine. Google and other search engines are focusing on ‘content relevance’ with their indexing algorithms, which demands B2B SEO marketers ensure that website onsite and offsite SEO attributes are optimised – and, more importantly, content is optimised. We focus on achieving the combined impact of great content with great SEO to create great client returns.

  • B2B SEO strategy
  • Content optimisation
  • Website backlink services
  • Website meta tag management
  • B2B SEO agency services

“I was looking for a true B2B digital agency who has proven capability in Inbound and Content Marketing and who could take us on the journey. Green Hat are definitely doing that for us at the moment!”

Scott Combes, Commercial Marketing Director ANZ, Dell

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