Best-in-class B2B marketers are winning with Social Media Marketing*

* Green Hat/ADMA B2B Marketing Outlook Report 2017

Social Media is part of everyone’s lives, including your B2B customers. As buyers do their own research they look for recommendations and social proof to validate purchase decisions. Used wisely, social media can help you gain invaluable insights, reach your target audiences rapidly, enhance your digital footprint and create social proofing around your brand.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Too often, social media activity is a ‘plug-in’ to other B2B marketing activity – something bolted onto the side. Best-in-class marketers devote effort to publishing in social media, and are more satisfied with their social ROI. If your audience is in social (and most are) your digital marketing plan needs to include this arena – to amplify your content, nurture and track engagement and build momentum around your ideas and products.

  • Integrated Social Media strategy
  • Social Media marketing measurement
  • Social Media listening
  • LinkedIn content services
  • Twitter content services
  • Facebook content services

LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn can deliver a rich data mine on contacts, content and market sentiment for marketers. LinkedIn lead generation needs to be managed carefully so as to not harm your brand in this knowledge-sharing ecosystem. To optimise B2B content marketing, modern marketers re-purpose content for publishing in LinkedIn and track engagement. As well, LinkedIn advertising provides strong audience targeting options. We support our clients across key areas of LinkedIn marketing:

  • LinkedIn content amplification
  • LinkedIn display advertising
  • Linkedin social selling
  • LinkedIn lead generation
  • LinkedIn lead nurturing

“The always-on social media plan has helped us connect with our audience, promote our personality and helps us amplify our content to maximize our investment.”

Stacey Beer, Marketing Manager, REFFIND

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