Think ABM:
Think Green Hat + 6sense

Watch our ‘Dark Funnel’ webinar hosted by Green Hat CEO Andrew Haussegger as we discuss how you can discover which anonymous accounts in your target universe are showing an intent to buy!

  • Which companies are in-market for what you offer?
  • How can ‘intent data’ fuel your ABM program?

Our keynote speaker Kerry Cunningham co-wrote the B2B Revenue Waterfall while VP at Forrester (a sequel to his SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall) and now applies his thinking to ‘lighting up’ the Dark Funnel at 6sense.

Malte Weyhe also joins the discussion to outline the success Korn Ferry is having globally with their ABM intent data.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the Dark Funnel and the value of intent signals
  • How to capture and integrate the data into your funnel process
  • How intent data powers up the Korn Ferry ABM program

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Kerry Cunningham

‘RevTech Revolutionary’

Malte Weyhe

Director Global Field Marketing
and Head of ABM
Korn Ferry

Andrew Haussegger

Green Hat

Green Hat + 6sense

Define & Identify

Green Hat helps you to define your ideal customer profile and personas.
6sense illuminates your Dark Funnel and identifies accounts in-market.

Personalise & Prioritize

Green Hat develops personalised messaging for target accounts and personas.
6sense prioritizes actions to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Develop & Engage

Green Hat helps develop a strategy for engaging accounts and aligning sales and marketing.
6sense engages buying teams through highly personalized, relevant digital experiences

Uncover Demand and Engage Buyers

Right now, hundreds of companies are researching solutions just like yours. But because most of this research is done anonymously, you’re missing out on these opportunities.

Experience the power of 6sense to quickly uncover in-market accounts. We’ll show you the best accounts currently researching keywords related to your business, with a customized In-Market Demand Report.

Find out what accounts are currently in-market for your solution, right here!

Making ABM Work
Download our guide to help plan and manage your own ABM programs. Work out whether ABM is suitable for your organisation and, if so, then how to build and operationalise your strategy.