Our Methodology

At Green Hat, we believe almost everything a marketer does touches on ‘digital’ in some way or another: from the online environments where our target audiences spend considerable time, to the digital platforms and software that allow us to effectively monitor, reach and engage with them. Therefore, every marketer needs to be a ‘digital’ marketer, and utilise the appropriate digital services as tools in their broader marketing arsenal.

Digital Strategy and Execution

We help our clients design and execute integrated digital programs to achieve their goals. From building brand equity, to generating new leads, to nurturing and converting MQLs into customers, we thrive on finding a solution to meet our clients’ unique needs. We encourage a test-and-learn approach to discover the ideal mix of digital channels, data and content to deliver the desired business results.

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Data and Analytics

We ensure that our clients have the right tools for measurement. Why? Marketers are swimming in ever-increasing quantities of data. The ability to make sense of all this data can help you attribute ROI to your marketing spend in order to make the right investment decisions.

  • Audits of existing digital ecosystems and recommendations for best-practice governance
  • Implementation of website analytics and data visualisation
  • Call tracking and third-party tracking integration with key paid media channels
  • Campaign reporting and dashboards

Email Marketing and Database Enrichment

According to Hubspot research, a whopping 92% of B2B marketers still use email to distribute content. Our clients do the same and we help with all elements vital to the success of using email in marketing campaigns.

"I wanted to ensure that we were building a ‘best-practice’ marketing operation with the right skills, strategy and platforms in place. So, I was keen to work with Green Hat and work through all our objectives and challenges, with the full engagement of key stakeholders from across the business."

Head of Marketing Communications, Knight Frank

Web Development

Your website is your number one sales tool. Make it count! From website design to build, we make sure that our clients’ websites are built for optimal user experience.

Search Engine Optimisation

Once you have built a beautiful website, how do you get the right prospects to come? We can work to ensure SEO best practices are enacted across your corporate website and marketing landing pages.

  • Audits of current search performance and competitors
  • Implementation of on-page, off-page and technical requirements
  • Ongoing SEO management and maintenance

Advertising and paid media channels are also important, with SEM playing a big role in any good marketing plan.

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