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Re-think your approach

In B2B, there’s a lot of chatter. The lead-to-order time is long and with buying parties number up to 10+ members – and each have a different set of needs.

A B2B marketing strategy is the best way to cut through the noise. We do the research to uncover the insights that help you amplify the voices you need to hear and muffle the ones you don’t.

Whether it’s a brand, data, or account-based strategy, it’s the starting point to achieving your goals. It defines where you want to play, who you’re playing against and why you’ll win.

Now that’s something you want to hear.

Green Hat would be a valued partner for any organisation seeking to drive best practice in both marketing strategy and implementation. Their attention to details is second to none; the people and management clearly have the customers as their absolute priority in delivering valued and effective consultancy. General Manager – Marketing, Telstra Wholesale  wholesale

Download the Sales and Marketing Alignment e‑Book.

Packed full of best practices drawn from recent research, Andrew Haussegger, Co-founder and CEO of Green Hat, explains the value of Sales and Marketing Alignment for B2B organisations. 


A 7-step B2B marketing blueprint.

Strategy works best when it makes sense of complexity.

Easier said than done right? So to help you visualise our strategic approach, we’ve put together a 7-step B2B marketing blueprint. Take a look.