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B2B Data Analytics.

Big data? Well, it’s not how big your data is in B2B. It’s how you use it.
But before diving into a spreadsheet, we’ll work with you to define your data-driven goals.

We will help you clarify your Ideal Customer Profile, considering a mix of data types - firmographics, demographics, technographics - and overlaying these with behavioural data. Getting this right means we can shoot with rifles - not spray with machine guns.*

We have strategic partnerships with the best B2B data providers globally. We know what data we need, how to pull data from different sources into something that makes sense, and so get moving on targeted marketing and feeding your sales team with prospect information they will love you for.

* Bad metaphor but you get the picture!

Data Analytics Schematic

We’re picky about the data partners we choose to work with.

Each has something different to offer, whether it’s account data, market data, contact data or predictive intent data. And above all, they need to excel in B2B. We integrate their data into our clients’ customer and marketing platforms to generate the insights that drive targeting, engagement, and sales enablement.

Data Insights as a Service (DIaaS) .

Ever heard of the dark funnel? It’s that unknown space where B2B buyers do their online research anonymously. It’s ‘dark’ because we have no visibility into what they’re searching, including which competitors, and what content they are consuming.

We can pick up the digital trail that B2B buyers leave online, to identify which of your target customers are likely to be in the market for your solution, and more likely to buy.