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Our Top 10 Picks for B2B marketing through a recession.


How to take your CEO on the journey to build best-in-class marketing

Can we market through a recession and come out the other side harder, better, faster, stronger?
What are the leading marketing minds here, there and everywhere doing to protect their brands and businesses from the economic downturn, and what are their strategies, tactics and reasons you should care

Why does this sound like Top of the Pops?

Our Strategy Director, Joel Thomson, with a little help from our friends, answers these questions in a top-ten hit list that covers the marketing must-do’s, with a pop-twist and plenty of practical tips. 

This article will help you to fill any gaps in your recession marketing strategy and understand the thinking and strategic approaches undertaken by Green Hat and our clients.

You can read the article at Marketing Mag


Joel Thomson

Head of Strategy at Green Hat. At critical inflection points, Joel works with Green Hat clients to align brand strategy, content, connection and business strategy—creating stories and experiences to engage customers, influence prospects, rally employees, inspire investors and build communities. The successful co-founder of two startup businesses, Joel's career has spanned 20 years working in brand, communications and design for global network agencies.