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Case Study


Launching product innovation for our long-term construction materials client


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Knauf is a leading global manufacturer of building materials and systems to the construction sector. We’ve been their B2B agency in Australia since 2014.

Around the same time USG Boral rebranded as Knauf, the company launched an innovation to the residential building sector, called SHEETROCK® ONE. Typically, residential buildings in Australia require different plasterboards for walls and ceilings, and in a first for the industry, Knauf wanted to simplify the building process with just one product. However, getting the target market of residential contractors and sub-contractors to choose SHEETROCK® ONE wouldn’t be an easy task, as it required a significant behavioural shift.

Knauf also wanted to use this launch to raise awareness of the recent acquisition and rebrand.

We were asked to build awareness of SHEETROCK® ONE with the target audience and make the product their #1 choice for residential plasterboard.

To achieve the client’s objectives, we developed creative assets that featured in an initial teaser promotion, followed by an extensive omnichannel campaign.

We researched the target audience, understood their preferred channels and mapped the media strategy. To reach this specific audience, we used paid digital (Google Search, META and Tik Tok), industry media (Triple M radio and trade magazines) and Knauf’s owned media channels (website, socials and email).

The campaign succeeded in raising awareness of the new Knauf brand. It also achieved its aim to educate and convert the market about the benefits of replacing two products for one. 

Tracking campaign results provided valuable insights into what the target audience thought about SHEETROCK® ONE. We were also able to see which creative and media channels had the most impact at each stage of the buyer journey. 

For this campaign, Tik Tok delivered an unexpectedly high number of positive engagements, and META ads provided cost effective clicks and reach. Radio sponsorship delivered impactful impressions and paid search proved to be the most effective channel to use at the consideration stage. 


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