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Case Study

Korn Ferry

How Korn Ferry transformed its focus to be on target accounts that matter


Creative & Content
Demand Generation
Korn Ferry first engaged Green Hat in 2015.

They are a world-leading organisational and people consulting firm focussing on talent acquisition, retention, reward and development. Their mission is to serve their clients and enable their client’s people to exceed their potential.

A fast-growing organisation with a number of recent acquisitions, Korn Ferry found that its marketing activities were fragmented, which was compromising their ‘One Korn Ferry’ brand positioning.

They recognised the need to transform its go-to-market approach and engaged Green Hat to help guide a bespoke account-based strategy to reinstate the client-first view.
Korn Ferry
Marketing Automation
The Korn Ferry Marketing and Sales teams worked together to identify business challenges and articulate new business objectives based on insights from the 6sense ABM platform. The group defined an ideal account profile and was able to identify best-fit accounts, including members of the buying party.

Through in-depth interviews, we created detailed persona profiles and used a customer-centric Message Framework to capture primary buyer motivations. We aligned customer needs with the benefits of the Korn Ferry solution. We created hero assets backed by proof points to appeal to buyers at the relevant stage of their buying journey.

The team shifted the focus from securing individual marketing leads to recognising the importance of the buying committee reviewing and selecting solutions in the enterprise buying process. During our analysis, we found that marketing and sales underplayed the influence of the procurement role.

Using these insights, we have designed and deployed orchestrated experiences across multiple channels utilising the 6sense ABM platform.

We identify where accounts are in the buying stage and target specific personas with customised messages. We optimise the program depending on the persona engagement and other criteria.
Key outcomes for this program:
  • Within six months of being in the market, Korn Ferry has experienced an increase of 3.83x in target account engagement
  • MQAs, being Marketing Qualified Accounts, are 5x more likely to become a sales/CRM opportunity within three months compared to all accounts.

Importantly, we also gathered important insights such as seeing an uplift in deal size when the procurement persona was involved in the deal. Sales took on board these findings in their account strategies.


Hear what Tanya Mas, Vice President Marketing, Korn Ferry has to say.