In a world of information excess and low trust, the B2B buying party is becoming harder to engage. 

B2B sales and marketing is inherently complex, with buying cycles that can take years and a buying party that is typically made up of 6-10 people. 

We understand the importance of strategic thinking and planning, but real-world timelines, workloads and resources make this difficult.  

Our Head of ABM/ABX, Scott Caulfield, looks at the importance of strategic thinking and how to effectively engage the B2B buying party, focusing on some key areas: 

  • Macro trends and their impact on sales and marketing 
  • The B2B buying process and journey 
  • Technology and the ‘dark funnel’  

This blog will help you understand some complexities in B2B marketing, and why it requires a systematic and disciplined approach.  

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Strategically engaging the B2B buying party

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