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Principal ABM Tech Consultant

We have a unique opportunity for a marketing tech consultant with strong experience in B2B digital marketing, demand-gen and Account-Based Marketing to join Australia’s largest B2B marketing agency – Green Hat.

Unique? Well yes…

We are a leader in integrated B2B. A full-service agency mindful of the importance of branding, CX and pipeline impact. We assist our clients with account-centric marketing to be targeted with more impact and less wastage.

We are growing our ABM team to meet significant market demand for 1toMany and 1to1 account targeting. You will work with leaders in the field of B2B. You will get exposure to our methodology and bring your own fresh thinking to maximising the impact of digital and ABM initiatives for our clients.

About you

  • You are a strategic marketer with a passion for B2B, technology and account-based marketing (ABM).
  • You love working in ABM platforms and have ideally led an end-to-end implementation of either 6sense or Demandbase. Of course, you are certified in either platform.
  • You count the sales operations team as your close friends and have worked with them to integrate marketing and sales technology.
  • You dream of Salesforce or MS Dynamics workflows at night.
  • You know marketing automation platforms like the back of your hand and have ideally been the platform owner of Hubspot or Marketo.
  • You’re always on the lookout for the newest martech and evaluate it for the value it can add to the business rather than being seduced by lofty developer promises.
  • You’ve successfully integrated new technology into existing tech stacks and proved its ROI.
  • You’re great at manipulating data, but even better at extracting insights that guide decisions.
  • You’ve used BI platforms like PowerBI or Domo to build dashboards that CMOs love to visit.
  • You are comfortable ‘talking tech’ with the experts, but equally astute at relating to business and sales leaders.
  • Your peers describe you as a trusted advisor who helps them drive their agendas using clever marketing approaches enabled by technology.
  • If your CMO and Head of Sales asked you to convince them to invest in ABM, you would deliver a killer 20-minute presentation that would have them signing on the dotted line immediately.
  • Changing goalposts and ambiguity don’t faze you.
  • You enjoy working on fast-paced projects with demanding stakeholders and tight deadlines.

Your goals

  • You want to share your passion for all things marketing, ABM and martech with likeminded people in some of the biggest Australian and global B2B brands and help them optimise their marketing to achieve amazing results.
  • You want every B2B company to benefit from running a world-class ABM program.
  • You like variety in your work and want to deploy your expertise in a range of diverse client projects.
  • You believe in the power of personal growth and want to see the people you work with become the best they can be.
  • You love winning and there’s nothing better than selling stakeholders on a big idea, and then delivering against your promises.
  • You see yourself as a thought leader in your field and want to further your expertise and reach.

Why join us?

  • We are Australia’s largest B2B agency.
  • You will work with some of the smartest thinkers in B2B, digital and ABM as well as work for enterprise and exciting B2B brands.
  • We are a full-service agency and so you will experience the full spectrum of B2B services.
  • We believe our people are our greatest asset and believe in taking them along the journey – encouraging their learning and aligning their personal aspirations to those of the agency.
  • We believe that everyone can make a difference and every opinion counts.
  • We believe work should be gratifying and fun.

Want to be Green? Then let’s take it to the next stage.

Send us:

  • A killer cover letter telling us why you’re made for the role
  • Your resume
  • A link to your folio
Please send the above to
*Only Australian residents need apply*