According to ITSMA research (2019), 71% of B2B companies surveyed saw greater ROI within their ABM efforts compared to their traditional marketing initiatives.

We start with a unified approach to defining the TAL (Target Account List) which will be made up of ‘must-win’ accounts from Sales and lookalike recommendations from Marketing. We then help define the ideal ABM approach from three key models – 1to1, 1toFew or 1toMany. Effectively executed ABM means the right targets are engaged in a highly personalised way, using an integrated framework of data, channels, tech platforms and providing Sales with realtime visibility of account activity.

"Mimecast has embarked on our Account-Based Everything (ABE, deliberately not called ABM) program to improve our success at winning new logos and increasing customer lifetime value in the Enterprise market segment. The Green Hat team have been instrumental in shaping our strategy and implementation of a targeted account program that is data-driven, delivers hyper-personalised marketing and sales outreach using smart modern marketing tech, and aligns sales and marketing to an orchestrated playbook. It's a pleasure to work with the Green Hat team, they are smart, practical and effective in supporting us in challenging the status quo and executing innovative and impactful programs. "

Marketing Director - Mimecast

ABM Blueprint Strategy

Our Blueprint Strategy uses a best-practice methodology to develop your ABM approach. Whether you are at the beginning of your ABM journey or just want fresh eyes to optimise your program, we can design a process to tackle five core ABM areas:

Target Account List (TAL)

Bringing the teams together to list and enrich ideal profile accounts.

Data Strategy

Defining data across demographic, firmographic, technographic, intent and behavioural sources.

Hyper-Personalised Channels & Content

Dynamically personalising individual buying party contacts engagement with your brand.


Crafting synchronised sequences into the ABM Program Playbook.

Account View

Developing the ABM dashboard that provides Sales the window into account engagement and scoring.

ABM Implementation

The ABM Blueprint defines the roadmap for program execution. Rationale for TAL selection is pressure-tested to ensure we pursue the optimal accounts as well as referencing your personas and understanding of the buying process. With ABM, we are less interested in individual MQLs and more interested in broader engagement of the whole buying party of decision makers, recommenders and influencers.

The SDRs and inside sales team play a pivotal role. We run workshops to help define the sequence of steps to be taken with different personas, account profiles and for different use-case requirements.

To effectively launch to market we build out:

  • Enriched contact data
  • Content maps for target accounts or account segments
  • Personalised advertising media campaigns
  • ‘Account View’ dashboards to present engagement data in realtime
  • Martech platforms to manage and integrate the CX, data, channels and content
  • Program playbook
ABM Guide
Get our comprehensive CMO Handbook to Account-Based Marketing to help you plan and manage your own ABM programs.

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