What is Marketing Automation?

In simple terms, marketing automation refers to the technology and software that powers the execution of often repetitive and laborious marketing tasks, such as sending emails, updating content and updating data and contact records across all digital touchpoints. When used correctly, it can effectively nurture the right prospects at scale and convert them into loyal customers.

We believe marketing automation is a process – not a software platform. Implementing an automation platform does not in itself create a high-performance B2B marketing machine. When the platform is underpinned with a well-defined plan, process and expertise, then you have the ingredients for B2B success. We’ve been helping our clients automate since 2008 – a journey we started with IBM and their global and local marketing teams.

What is Marketing Automation? Below are some of the critical areas we assist with:

  • Lifecycle strategy and touchpoint mapping
  • Database enrichment
  • Lead scoring – to effectively manage and progress prospects through to Sales at the right time as marketing qualified leads (MQLs)
  • Lead nurturing – across email, SMS and advertising channels
  • Lead routing and Sales and Marketing alignment
  • Integration with CRM systems
  • Audits to determine the right MAP for you, or to get more from your current platform
  • MAP implementation and training
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What impact can Marketing Automation have on my business?

We believe that there is a strong business case for implementing a Marketing Automation program. Particularly to mature businesses seeking a way to better manage growth in increased inbound leads, large content libraries and a need to minimise response times.

"We’re so happy with the support we’re getting from everyone at Green Hat. You’re very responsive, proactive and great to work with. I never get the impression that we’re asking too much, and the solutions you suggest are spot on – thank you!"

Director, Asia Pacific Marketing, Korn Ferry

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