Integrated Strategy

B2B marketing has many components and the biggest challenge can be integrating them into an effective ecosystem. We bring end-to-end experience, from customer experience research, customer journey mapping, persona development and brand strategy to digital and content execution in market. Creating a lead-to-revenue pathway, we consider all the customer touchpoints along the way, reaching them with the right creative and content on the right channels at the right stage of their journey  Using your data, we can personalise that journey across multiple channels – while accurately measuring and attributing success to support continuous improvement.

Content Strategy

Today, the customer finds you – not the other way around. The balance of power has shifted from the B2B seller to B2B buyers, who can now find much of the information they need online for making informed purchase decisions – without needing to engage your Sales team. Your content marketing strategy and the resources themselves need to hit the right spot, or else buyers will find your competitors before they find you. Great inbound marketing combines compelling content, personalised communications and automated lead conversion processes.

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Customer Experience Research

CX is a competitive differentiator in B2B. Customers who have great experiences can stay loyal even if the functionality and price are not superior. Customers who have bad experiences tend to leave (and, unfortunately, pass the bad news on to others). We help our clients gain a clear understanding of who their customer is, their needs and challenges, their buying process, triggers and influencers. Through qualitative and quantitative research, we develop customer journey maps for buyer personas to provide the basis for touchpoint and content mapping.

Brand Strategy

Finding the right mix between brand building and sales activation campaigns is a perennial challenge for B2B marketers, especially given that B2B firms are often Sales- rather than Marketing-driven. We help our clients find the right balance so that they can build trust in their brand as well as have differentiated and distinctive brand positioning. We pay attention to the ‘personal value’ your brand brings to your customers to grow the emotional connection.

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Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

Research tells us that the top objective for B2B marketers year-on-year is to generate and nurture leads. Key deliverables are marketing qualified leads (MQL), sales opportunities (SQL) and revenue. Using automated marketing processes, we help with:

  • Lead generation and lead nurturing
  • Acquisition strategy
  • Customer onboarding
  • Retention strategy
  • Loyalty and advocacy

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

ABM, broadly speaking, focuses on targeting key prospects and treating each as a market of one. ABM brings together the Sales and Marketing team as a unified fighting force with shared KPIs and a mutually developed go-to-market approach for key target accounts. Our role ranges from strategic facilitator to outsourced operator to help implement ABM.

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