We developed and implemented a robust Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and content strategy with global cyber security leader Mimecast.

ABM Challenge

Mimecast needed to develop a strategy and accompanying implementation plan for an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) program to grow their business in the Enterprise space.


Green Hat worked with the Mimecast Sales and Marketing teams, including the global martech team, to define and develop their Target Account List. We also worked on a data strategy, built a content hub that delivered a hyper-personalised experience, designed the media approach for go-to-market and developed orchestration elements for both Sales and Marketing.

For Mimecast, ABM is their strategic approach to revenue growth that aligns AE sales, SDR and marketing teams. We personalise display adverts, content, web experience and SDR/Sales playbooks to engage the right buying party at the right time in their journey. They are now tracking ‘account performance’ – not just MQLs – and running a systematic cadence of weekly target account reviews to help SDR/Sales teams to prioritise their pursuit.


Integration across both the technology stack and between Sales and Marketing has been the key driver for Mimecast as they roll out their Account-based Marketing (ABM) program in ANZ. Like most enterprises, they are not lacking in technology – it’s how they bring it all together that is the secret sauce behind a successful ABM program.

The integration piece started with buy-in from stakeholders and was followed up with the ‘sell in’ to the various teams across data, martech, sales and marketing. The hard work was in further follow-ups and testing of the integration and newly developed sales and marketing processes.

For Mimecast’s ABM program, the CRM is the single source of truth, with target accounts’ touch points across media, marketing and sales scored and reflected through an ‘account view’ dashboard that both Sales and Marketing huddle around on a regular basis.

The Salesloft platform has been enabled to trigger sales sequences, which required liaising with the automation team to make sure that there aren’t overlapping nurture sequences going to market. A Sales Playbook with recommended communication ‘sequences’ across highly personalised email, phone, LinkedIn and direct mail was also developed and embedded within the Sales process.

The ABM program is delivering double-digit uplift in sales-accepted opportunities, more engagement with the the buying party and higher value deals.

Content Marketing Challenge

Mimecast’s business was growing rapidly in Australia and New Zealand, but the ANZ arm of the business was relying on content created by the US office. With a mission to become the destination for Cyber Resilience in the region, Mimecast sought to develop a local content strategy that would deliver content relevant to their target audience’s concerns and needs.


Green Hat worked with key stakeholders at Mimecast to develop a content strategy for Mimecast ANZ. This entailed conducting stakeholder and customer interviews, developing personas, content and competitor audits, running workshops and developing the content strategy.

The strategy was presented to global leadership and once signed off, we commenced the build of Get Cyber Resilient. Our creative team worked with the Mimecast team to develop the UI and UX while our development team aligned considerations around the build to highly stringent Mimecast security specifications. In parallel, our content team developed more than 40 pieces of content for the content hub. Since the site was launched, we continue to develop more than 8 pieces of content each month, including blogs, thought leadership, case studies, cartoons and a podcast.

Our time from strategy to market? Four months.


The launch of the site coincided with cyber resilience being more of a talking point for businesses globally (off the back of some serious cyber attacks). Within months of the site launch, it garnered more than 12K page visits. The email subscriber base has grown 20x. The podcast has generated more than 5000 plays across the 30+ episodes to date. Cybersecurity professionals have also reached out with requests to speak on the podcast and offers to create content for the website.

We have broken new ground for the client in terms of content formats (in particular, the cartoons and podcasts) and continue to work on growing the audience and the relevance of the site in Australia and New Zealand.

"Green Hat has done an excellent job right through the process, been engaged from day one, invested in understanding our business and people and constantly delivered on the promises they set out, and done in a high-quality fashion as well. "

Dan McDermott, Marketing Director, Mimecast, ANZ

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