We worked with Schneider Electric to develop a B2B segment strategy for their IT division, design a content marketing approach and run an automated lead lifecycle program underpinned by advanced automation and analytics.


Schneider Electric wanted to generate new leads with content-driven inbound marketing. They knew a key to success was accurate measurement of online traffic and site conversion. They wanted a clear view of which digital channels were driving traffic to the site, and the lead outcomes. A number of disparate sources – including email systems, display advertising and Google AdWords – made it impossible to visualise digital engagement in one place.

As well, Schneider Electric wanted to automate processes with lead scoring and routing, and to build a best-practice inbound model for eventual internal adoption.


We set up their automated marketing to nurture and progress leads coming in from their media and event campaigns. We designed stakeholder dashboards and plugged Schneider Electric’s data sources into our data analytics platform to deliver detailed reporting. The visualisations presented a real-time lead pipeline, attributing results to different campaign sources. This allowed us to identify highest performing lead sources to optimise the MQL and revenue results.


  • Increased brand positioning and engagement through uplift in downloads and site visits
  • Increased engagement-to-MQL lead conversion
  • Developed and maintained content hub (website) used for lead nurturing and as a destination for other lead-gen activities

"Our brief was straightforward. We wanted to nurture and progress buyer engagement and more leads from our digital advertising and events. We asked Green Hat to design the approach and own the program execution. They managed the ad creative and copy, as well as curated our content to deliver a great result for our business."

Strategic Marketing Manager - Pacific, Schneider Electric

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