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Case Study


How re-thinking and great creative helped this challenger telco brand shine


Creative & Content
Superloop is an Australian-owned, ASX-listed challenger telco and ISP offering consumer, business, and wholesale services.  Cybersecurity in communications can be a tough sector to crack. In an industry that prioritises trust and credibility, many companies opt for larger, more established brands. So, it can be difficult for new brands to break through. This was true for Superloop. Initially, its CyberEdge product was seen as a pioneering solution for the education sector, but it had trouble gaining traction in a landscape dominated by big (albeit bland) players. Superloop ran a competitive pitch for an agency to provide thought-to-finish solutions to drive uptake of its B2B product suite. Green Hat won the pitch and got straight to work.  
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We were tasked with producing a creative idea for the CyberEdge brand. The idea would stretch beyond tech and address needs overlooked by key competitors, creating a unique point of difference. 

After running audience and competitor analyses, research and other strategic work, we uncovered a pivotal insight that formed the basis of the creative idea.  

The key insight: Cybersecurity hardware and software cannot provide 100% security because 95% of breaches stem from human error. 

This insight prompted us to re-think CyberEdge as more than just a technology solution. It would address the full cybersecurity story – including the human challenges. And like any good story, it would have goodies and baddies.  

Line: Know your Badbots. 

Badbots are the internet villains who threaten student data. These include phishing, malware, spam, identity theft, ransomware and more. 

‘Snap’ is the CyberEdge mascot and our hero. Turning technical, hard-to-visualise concepts into characters helped to demystify cybersecurity, making it engaging and understandable. 

The characters were rolled out in brand marketing communications that included social, eDMs, web pages, collectables, school posters, AR/mixed reality stunts, comic strips, event signage and merchandise, and editorial and PR. 

Badbots launched CyberEdge just 27 days after the pitch at the EduTECH conference and trade shows across Australia. The shows are attended by 10,000+ people from various educational organisations.  

The creative platform was successful in communicating the CyberEdge solution’s education-focused user experience, accessibility, and potential for tech consolidation. As a result, the launch prompted demo requests from new and existing clients nationwide.