By redesigning and optimising Telstra Wholesale's website functionality, we were able to increase visitor engagement and improve SEO key indicators.


Telstra Wholesale approached us when they noticed their website was delivering high bounce rates and low visitor engagement.

We found the main cause of this lay in their website’s design: site navigation was not optimised for user experience, with a confusing layout making content difficult to find. In turn, this was affecting the performance of their SEO, which key indicators told us was underwhelming.


The Green Hat team created customer journey maps to help Telstra Wholesale supplement existing customer research.

We also redeveloped their website to be more user-centric, especially across site navigation and design, and ensured all technical on-page SEO issues were addressed.


With a new B2B website design in place and its functionality enhanced, Telstra Wholesale saw improvements in user engagement and across all SEO key indicators.

  • 44% increase in site visits within three months
  • Improved website organic (SEO) visits by 66%

"Green Hat would be a valued partner for any organisation seeking to drive best practice in both marketing strategy and implementation. Their attention to detail is second to none; the people and management clearly have their client as their absolute priority in delivering valued and effective consultancy."

Head of Marketing, Brand and Communications - Telstra Wholesale

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