We provide a full suite of B2B marketing services for USG Boral across digital automation, design and creative, as well as social media and content marketing.


Leading Australian building materials supplier USG Boral needed a B2B marketing agency that truly understood their customers across commercial architecture, residential architecture and trade purchase journeys.


Green Hat worked closely with USG Boral to provide an omnichannel strategy across automation, design, content and social media. This includes:

  • Buyer personas and customer journey maps to understand their customers
  • Integrated digital marketing and automation strategy to generate and nurture leads
  • Creative concepts and execution for multiple product campaigns
  • Content development, digital and print design services to solidify their position as an industry leader and innovator
  • Social media planning and management across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Paid social campaigns to increase brand awareness, engagement and drive action
  • Create and grow a community of USG Boral fans across social channels


ASONA is a range of acoustic, decorative ceiling laminates within USG Boral’s specialty ceilings offering.

We had the opportunity to creatively showcase and demonstrate the benefits of ASONA in innovative and engaging ways across a variety of media.

Targeting architects and specifiers, the final creative was successfully rolled out across an integrated print, digital, events and social campaign. Awareness and engagement numbers exceeded expectation with over 950 microsite visits and 686 clicks on social media.

SHEETROCK® Dust Control

An innovative new product in the Australian market, SHEETROCK® Dust Control reduces the amount of respirable airborne dust during sanding, leading to a healthier environment, employee safety and time savings (less time cleaning up on-site).

We were tasked for a campaign launch to:

  • Drive awareness amongst target audience about product
  • Generate leads, drive sales and convert unknown customers to USG Boral

We went to market with an omnichannel approach, creating campaign collaterals across print (ads, flyers), web, EDMs and content (articles, blogs). We ran a social media campaign to drive awareness of SHEETROCK® Dust Control, reaching more than than 350k people, with 44k engagements.

SHEETROCK® HD (High Density)

SHEETROCK® HD (High Density) offers acoustic performance alongside the benefits of score-and-snap flexural strength (sag-defying strength in ceiling boards).

We came up with a creative theme that distilled and expressed SHEETROCK® HD (High Density) acoustic performance in its application.

The campaign assets were delivered across multiple channels, including store posters, EDMs, and animated posts on social media. Initially launched in limited states, the campaign has now gone Australia-wide.

Water-Resistant Plasterboard

USG Boral tasked us with a B2B marketing campaign to increase consideration and convert fibre cement users to their water-resistant (WR) plasterboard.


  • Perception: The campaign had to change the false belief that using water-resistant plasterboard in wet areas would not work
  • Resistance: The campaign had to break long-held belief that an incumbent product (fibre cement) was the only product suitable for use in bathroom construction


Instead of creating a generic promotional product campaign, the Green Hat solution was to deep dive into the core issues causing resistance towards water-resistant plasterboard. The insights led us to implement an influencer-based education campaign highlighting the product’s superior benefits and capabilities.

We developed ‘The Test’, a series of social-optimised videos with Aussie cricket legend Mike Whitney testing USG Boral’s water-resistant plasterboard against fibre cement. The campaign was driven by paid social media to an engaged audience.


This campaign resulted in 19K+ microsite visits, 690+ hours of view time and more than 630K+ social impressions. Sales of water-resistant plasterboard increased $200K year-on-year.

"We needed an agency that ‘got’ B2B marketing. It’s a different approach to B2C. Green Hat is just about business marketing and has been a great partner for us. Strongly recommended."

Marketing Director Australia, USG Boral

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