Australian B2B Marketing Research (BMR) Report

The annual Australian B2B Marketing Research (BMR) Report has been produced by Green Hat and ADMA since 2011. Every year we survey B2B marketing leaders and experts, from a range of industry sectors, to provide a comprehensive analysis of Australia’s B2B marketing landscape.

The research report explores B2B marketing practice, intentions and directions in marketing strategy, customer experience, lead generation and nurturing, sales and marketing alignment, marketing automation and technology, budget and ROI, content and social media and account-based marketing.

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  • Customer Experience
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  • Budget & ROI
  • Account-Based Marketing

Research survey participants will receive a pre-release copy of the report in December 2017.

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2017 Australian B2B Marketing Bible

Get your complimentary 2017 B2B Research Report from Green Hat and ADMA. Surveying 300+ local B2B organisations, insights include:

  • Measuring Marketing ROI
  • Lead Generation & Nurturing
  • Rise of B2B Customer Experience
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Content & Social Media Marketing
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