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Green Hat wins big at the Golden Bee B2B Awards … again.


Our ABM/X client case study was voted best-in-class at the BBN International Awards in Milan, Italy.

We’re excited to announce that Green Hat won the Best ABM/X Program award at the BBN International AGM and Awards – for the second year in a row. 

The award recognised the work we did with our long-term global client Korn Ferry, and follows a win in the same category from last year with our client Mimecast, a global leader in cyber security.   

We developed the 1: Many ABM/X strategy with Korn Ferry over two years ago and integrated it into other marketing activities. Today, we continue to manage and optimize the program. Using advanced platforms such as 6sense and Bombora, we helped Korn Ferry identify priority accounts and created targeted campaigns to deliver a 25% uplift in finding accounts in-market. A further 68% of Korn Ferry’s win revenue was directly influenced by the program. 

The award is as much a win for our client as it is for Green Hat. Hats off to you Korn Ferry!


Tushar Warrier

Over the past 15 years, Tushar has worked with B2B and B2C brands across the Asia Pacific region, particularly in Singapore, India and Australia. He prioritises problem-solving and has worn many hats across his career – the latest being a Green one. At Green Hat, he works with our clients as Head of Marketing and Growth, as well as a part of the Account Service team.