Latané Conant is a B2B author, podcast, Forbes blogger, CMO network convenor, CMO (6sense) and mother of two teenage boys. And somehow, amidst all that, we got her out to Australia recently to be a keynote at the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum and spend some time with our clients.

Her opening line is ‘Wouldn’t it be fantastic is we knew who was in-market for our products and services?’ to which we B2B marketers say ‘Hell Yeah!!’.

In this ‘fireside’ (actually ‘harbour-side’) interview with our CEO Andrew Haussegger, she unpacks this issue in response to the following questions:

Time codes:

00:00 Introduction
00:56 Customer Experience
03:00 Are marketing qualified leads dead?
04:55 What is the dark funnel?
06:12 How do you predict the buying stage?
07:20 How AI can be incorporated into your marketing plan?
08:59 What is ABX?
11:30 What should marketers be tracking?
14:09 How do you get started with intent-driven ABX?


AI-Driven B2B Marketing with Latané Conant (author, podcaster)

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