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Three challenges of integrating AR into your B2B marketing strategy.


Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality – there’s a lot of buzz around these words lately. How do you implement them in your B2B marketing activities? Can you use AR or VR to actually gain more traffic/customers/profit instead of it just being a cool gadget

Here’s how!

Firstly, let’s look at some definitions.  What is the difference between AR and VR? The guys from put it like this

With virtual reality, you can swim with sharks. And with augmented reality, you can watch a shark pop out of your business card.

In short, augmented reality brings something that is 2D, like a print ad in a magazine, to life – just simply with your mobile phone. VR uses special wearable devices (usually placed on your head) to step into a digital experience.

Another definition that works well for me:

While VR is more immersive, AR provides more freedom for the user, and more possibilities for marketers because it does not need to be a head-mounted display.

Want to know more about how to leverage VR for your B2B marketing strategy? Check out this great blog.

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How have we implemented AR here at Green Hat for our B2B clients?

We use the platform LayAR to assist us with a simple way to bring any print collateral like brochures, case studies and print ads, to life.

The challenges we face with AR:

  1. Creativity

There are so many cool things possible with AR, but it does require time, effort and sometimes a 3D-specialist design team to take it a step further. Solution? Don’t be afraid to start simple and see how your target group responds to a video or landing page with an additional dynamic. When AR begins to resonate with them, the next step is bringing a whole brochure to life, like this amazing New Yorker cover:

  1. Education

Extremely important, but still often forgotten: educate your audience on AR and how to use it. Include clearly visible instructions – like the one below – on any print material. Also make sure your sales department receives a tutorial, so they can show clients on visits and during conferences.

  1. Statistics

When your print ad or brochure is out there, it is important to know whether your efforts are paying off. The portal from LayAR provides us with some basic statistics. Unfortunately, we were unable to split results for the same print ad in different magazines, but that is something to think about before you start.

Want us to help you brainstorm any cool AR ideas? We’re more than happy to!

Also, here’s a quick example of how LayAR works on a brochure range we did for our client USG Boral:

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Tushar Warrier

Over the past 15 years, Tushar has worked with B2B and B2C brands across the Asia Pacific region, particularly in Singapore, India and Australia. He prioritises problem-solving and has worn many hats across his career – the latest being a Green one. At Green Hat, he works with our clients as Head of Marketing and Growth, as well as a part of the Account Service team.