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What’s your Core Value Proposition? Customer Value Proposition?


What is the purpose of a value proposition

A Core Value Proposition (CVP) is a logical statement used by marketing and sales to tell customers why they should choose to purchase from your brand and not from your competitors

How do you write a customer value proposition

The process to build out a CVP involves a structured and engaging team-building exercise to ensure you touch-down on your uniqueness, and hone in on the triggers your B2B customers need to receive. The outcome is often a well-framed summary that will make your brand stronger and more persuasive along the customer consideration-to -purchase journey.

A shared CVP presented consistently in the right place at the right time across marketing and sales channels will illustrate why buying from you is the best choice in a concise, easy-to-follow format.

Why should my business choose to do business with your business?

This is the question your prospect needs assistance to answer. And in the world of B2B and considered purchase, there will no doubt be more than one decision-maker, baton change or influencer along the journey.

It’s also not easy making a brand attractive to customers when decision-makers have many brands with similar innovations, services and features to choose from. Your team needs to sing from the same song sheet. This is why it may be important to take a wider lens and look at the brand platform to ensure it supports value alignment. Components such as brand purpose, brand promise, brand positioning, tone of voice all come into play, to name a few.


Here’s what our client had to say…

“Working with Green Hat to navigate our Customer Value Proposition has been incredibly important in creating clarity and consistency in what the Tomkin brand means internally and for our customers.The Six Hats methodology implemented maximised the quality of discussions in our collaboration sessions, which ultimately resulted in a brand idea and future strategy that was achievable and meaningful.Rochelle & Tushar’s impressive knowledge of B2B marketing, underpinned by their strategic mindset and passion were vital in helping us navigate where we want to be. Together, they ensured all strategy sessions delivered meaningful insights and progress against our goal to define the Tomkin brand and create a framework for our future strategy.” – Marketing Manager

Some say a CVP is the most important part of an overall marketing message. At Green Hat, we have found that it builds stronger bonds with sales and marketing. It’s important to make time to listen to valuable insights from business development managers and implementers, to discover their perspective of the competitive landscape, and to understand what they are saying across the buying journey to reinforce marketing messages.

Why is the customer value proposition important?

We believe a well-constructed CVP can:

  • Deliver a unified approach and align voices across the organisation
  • Support brand integrity across multiple touch-points and teams
  • Provide synergy for sales and marketing. People need to know who you are, what you offer, why you should be top of mind in their consideration set, and what the brand stands for.
  • Support new business development. A strong CVP guides collateral development, training, and customer communications with the aligned customer value story.
  • Support scalability into new markets and customer environments while keeping your brand message and brand promise consistent.

Once you have a CVP, it needs to be reviewed regularly to ensure the measurable proof points remain up-to-date and relevant to potential customers.

How will we know if a CVP has been effective?

There are several ways to measure the effectiveness of your CVP. Once framed and agreed internally, it needs to be embedded in the organisation across multiple channels.

  • The sales team needs to be confident in delivery, and have exceptional recall of the value proposition and how it is framed. One idea for engagement is to get advocates to create a brand culture video delivering the message internally.
  • Marketers need to employ enablement tools to empower salespeople.
  • On the client side, if you have a core group of trusted clients, invite them in confidence to test out the CVP, receive their valuable feedback and learn where you can refine your messages.

How do I get this moving if we are in remote locations?

First up, the CVP development process doesn’t take very long once you have a core group of engaged people onboard. One of the most important parts of building a CVP is that you need to create it together. We have built an effective remote framework to ensure we gain, and openly share, the insights that arise along the journey.

What is involved in the Green Hat CVP process?

The Value Proposition process is a core module of the brand platform. It can be completed as a separate module or part of the bigger brand picture. The B2B CVP process allows businesses to analyse their value propositions and their target customer segments in more detail. Together we evaluate the “fit” between the value you intend to create and the expectations the various decision-makers have to solve their business needs.

Together we define features and benefits and the problem your brand solves for the customer. We map out a customer value pathway and build an in-depth knowledge of your customer personas, their pains and gains. It’s important to have clarity and sketch out the B2B buying journey. We identify everyone involved on both sides, how long it takes, what they say, the rational and emotional triggers, and when they receive valuable information.

Success stories are also distilled as they are key to evaluate previous triggers, gain creation and measurable proof points. If you have a tiered CVP, this process will also create value and highlight what you need to learn about customers and how to create a better “fit”. It will help you structure your thinking, and highlight how your brand, in your ownable brand voice, can be more connected.

Here’s what our client had to say…

“Developing a CVP facilitates a consistent voice in market and one which allows OUA to demonstrate our value to diverse audiences with very different needs. Demonstrating consistency is something we have found challenging in the past.I don’t think there could be a more challenging time to try and do a project like this when access to key stakeholders was prohibited, F2F was impossible and the market was in turmoil. However, Green Hat were understanding, adaptable and consistently professional throughout. They persevered despite challenging circumstances – even accommodating international times zones for staff located overseas during COVID-19.I admired Green Hats diligent approach to data collection and the team’s ability to distil broad insights and differing perspectives into a cohesive outcome.An easy to work with, fun and talented team. It was a pleasure working with Green Hat and I would recommend their transparent and comprehensive approach.” – Education Programs Marketing Manager

There’s never been a better time to work on Sales and Marketing alignment and craft your unique CVP.

To find out more about developing a CVP for your brand, drop us a line.

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Andrew Haussegger

Andrew is the CEO and a co-founder of Green Hat. He is passionate about customer lifecycle marketing, sales/marketing alignment, and automated operational effectiveness. He developed the 3C3P strategic marketing methodology that has been adopted by many bluechip B2B brands, and is a co-author of the annual B2B Marketing Research report.