Great Work for Korn Ferry and Mimecast gets recognised!

We are excited to announce we have won two BBN International Golden Bee Awards for client work done with two long term clients – Korn Ferry and Mimecast.

We entered the Best ABM Program category on the back of a strong performance of our program with Mimecast. We had researched their enterprise audience to refine personas, messaging and content. This provided the platform for their “Account-Based Everything” program from personalised media display, nurturing, buying-stage engagement through to detailed Account-View dashboards for SDRs and sales pursuit.

We thought our content strategy and development work with Korn Ferry would be a strong contender for the Best Content Marketing Campaign category. After seven years of working with Korn Ferry, we knew their audience and proposition intimately, and, for this entry, presented the content and results of work done for their Recruitment Process Outsourcing division.

Many thanks to the Mimecast and Korn Ferry teams for supporting our submissions. These are as much a win for them as a win for Green Hat!

Winners in all award categories were:

  • Best Account-Based Marketing Program: Green Hat for client Mimecast
  • Best Agency-client integration: wob AG for client Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH
  • Best Brand strategy Campaign: wob AG for client SEKISUI Europe B.V.
  • Best Content Marketing Campaign: Green Hat for client Korn Ferry
  • Best Creative: True for client Acora
  • Best Direct Mail – physical delivery: Bader Rutter for client Milwaukee Bucks
  • Best Event Experience: Stein IAS for The Drum’s World Fest
  • Best integrated omnichannel campaign: True for client Acora
  • Best use of Martech Luxid Group for client Orion
  • Limited Budget: Stein IAS for client Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure
  • Data Analytics: wob for client John Deere
  • Best Idea Never Executed: Stein IAS for client ADL