Account-Based Marketing / Account-Based Experience is a hot topic in B2B but not necessarily clearly understood.

We decided to run a small-group session with some clients to ‘demystify’ ABM/X and unpack what it is, why do it and discuss the key components. The small group quickly expanded and so we turned the session into a micro-webinar for invited marketers.

Here we share the session to the broader B2B community. We discuss the three ABM/X models, when to use which and the seven key components on best-practice ABM/X. The discussion includes selecting and identifying the audience, personalised engagement, the tech/data and measuring success.

Happy viewing! If the video piques your interest, feel free to contact us.

BTW, we prefer the ABX reference as ‘account-based’ is a certainly a collaboration between Sales and Marketing, and in fact is about the whole business being focussed on the accounts that matter.

Here’s a timestamp for the video if you prefer to go directly to a specific point:

02:30 What, Why and How of ABX/M
19:00 The Seven Foundations or Best-Practice ABX/M
34:23 Case Studies
53:10 Q&A

Video: Demystifying ABM/X

Vrunda Patel