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Video: ABM Q&A from B2B Marketing Leaders ABM Forum.




Trisca Scott-Branagan from Green Hat spoke at the B2B Marketing Leaders ABM Forum recently.

She had many questions following her presentation. We decided we would video her response to some of the key ones. The outcome is a light-hearted discussion on this serious topic in B2B. In fact, Account-based Marketing is the #1 trending theme in B2B today.

The questions revolve around the following topics. You can skip to the time-stamp for those topics that interest you the most (listed in order of popularity!):

  1. Selecting the right ABM model 6:05 – 10:14 secs
  2. Defining the Target Account List 0:32 – 3:33 secs
  3. Getting executive buy-in (and examples) 10:18 – 13:40 secs
  4. Building your martech stack for ABM 13:41 – 17:15 secs
  5. Measuring ABM 5:08 – 6:02 secs
  6. Segmenting Global Accounts 3:38 – 5:05 secs

To learn more about how we can assist with your ABM plans, view our account-based marketing page here.


Tushar Warrier

Over the past 15 years, Tushar has worked with B2B and B2C brands across the Asia Pacific region, particularly in Singapore, India and Australia. He prioritises problem-solving and has worn many hats across his career – the latest being a Green one. At Green Hat, he works with our clients as Head of Marketing and Growth, as well as a part of the Account Service team.