Third-party Intent data is a hot topic with B2B marketers and for good reason. Applied correctly, it provides a mechanism to identify businesses researching topics relevant to the problems you solve, which means they are likely to be in-market for your products and services. These ‘surging’ signals then allow you to target those accounts more accurately as part of your account-based marketing approach.

With Bombora, the world leader in B2B intent data, we discuss a 3-step approach that turns buyer intent into an actionable ‘always-on’ engagement program.

The take-aways? How to …

  • Use intent data to find those accounts in-market
  • Enrich data to build out the account and contact data
  • Use this data to segment and engage your audience
  • Kickstart your ABM/X efforts without significant MarTech and process re-engineering

We have two experts in their field speaking at this session:

  • Ryan Moline, Senior Product Manager – Bombora (Chicago, USA)
  • Scott Caulfield, Head of Account-Based Experience – Green Hat

Video: Using Intent Data to drive great ABM/X outcomes

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