Are your Sales and Marketing teams in sync?

Imagine if your sales and marketing teams collaborated on the B2B lifecycle. Marketing owns the ‘top of the funnel’ for lead generation and lead nurturing, while Sales owns the ‘bottom of the funnel’ and focuses on turning qualified leads into revenue. Alignment opens the door for a systematic and predictable end-to-end lead management process as well as an empowered sales team.

Sales Enablement

Modern B2B marketers understand the importance of working closely with the Sales team. They get them involved in the planning for customer lifecycle marketing, and jointly determine the process and flows for the buyer through the various funnel stages. Sales get access to automated ‘lead nurture’ streams so they can keep more prospects engaged at the one time.

  • Sales and marketing integration
  • Sales productivity enhancement
  • Sales and marketing assessments
  • Increased sales productivity

Revenue Marketing

To become indispensable to their organisation, strategic B2B marketers focus on revenue marketing… that is, simply, marketing that creates revenue. They put up their hand for a ‘marketing quota’, such as the revenue value of leads they source for Sales. The Marketing team then becomes a revenue centre, not a cost centre – joined at the hip with Sales and sharing goals, processes and recognition.

  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Revenue measurement
  • Lead generation

Is the gap between your Sales and Marketing teams impacting your ROI?

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“Green Hat worked with our teams to build a connection with our leads - then they introduced our lead nurturing program to sales. Their sales enablement expertise gave our team the intelligence, tools and training they needed to convert leads to closed deals and furthered our client engagement.”

Craig Parr, B2B Marketing Manager, Open Universities Australia

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