“When is the best time for me to post on social media?”

This is the question that every business with a social media presence continues to shout from the rooftops.

According to the latest Green Hat/AMI B2B Marketing Research Report, 82% of B2B marketers we surveyed are getting good/some results from social media ROI. That’s a huge number to be posting your carefully created content on a whim without any strategy behind it, so there’s no surprise why the question of when to post often comes up.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive answer. It all depends on a variety of factors such as your business objectives, your audience, the content you’re releasing and which social platforms you’re using. Only after considering these points and looking at the analytics (which we’ll touch on in a moment) can you decide which times are best for posting and tweeting.

Social media management tool Falcon.io released data earlier this year comprised of 18 different studies on the best times to post.


Commonly referred to as the professional network, LinkedIn is a must for any B2B company wanting to make their mark. It’s no surprise the best times to post are:

Time:9am, 12pm and 5-6pm
Day/s: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

You’ll notice these times coincide with moments where they might be thinking about work though not necessarily working. Our own experience using LinkedIn has revealed that – as a general rule – people aren’t very engaged with social media or other forms of communication like email on Monday and Friday. This is usually because they are catching up on work to prepare for the week ahead, or winding down in preparation of the weekend.


The most-used network in the world, our B2B report research revealed that Facebook is up-and-coming as a B2B tool only 13% behind LinkedIn as the leading B2B platform(86%).

Time: 12-4pm 
Day/s: Wednesday to Saturday

As with LinkedIn, the middle of the week is best for B2B Facebook posts, but so is Saturday. Remember that your audience has a home life outside of work and they will be on social media (most often Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) on the weekends.


Instagram is often used as the culture or brand page for those wanting to inspire their audience or show insight into their company.

Time: 11am-1pm, 5pm
Day/s: Monday, Wednesday to Friday and weekends

Over 60% of Australian users log into Instagram every day, making this platform a great way to build general brand awareness and retention – after all, you’re more likely to be remembered if you stand out.


Once a standard of everyone’s day, Twitter only has 4.5 million monthly active users as of February 2019. However, it is still highly regarded within the B2B marketing community as a must-have tool in your social media stack.

Time:12PM, 5-6PM
Day/s: Monday to Thursday

For B2B, these days are the days most highly engaged with, with Wednesday having the highest click-through rates and retweets out of all the other days.

While this can be used as a general guideline, it is not specific or tailored to your business. The best times for you and your business could be completely different.

Fortunately, there are plenty of analytics tools available which allow you to identify the best times specifically for you to tweet or post. Many of these tools are right under your nose as most major social platforms offer their own built-in analytics – completely free.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ all have their own built-in analytics which you should definitely check out as they may provide you with enough information to decide when the best times for you to post on social media are. If you’d like even greater insight, check out some of these free analytics tools:

What times or days have you found to be the most effective when posting or tweeting? Let us know by connecting with us on social media.

Best times to post on social media 2019

Natasha Sidiropoulos
Natasha manages organic social channels for a number of our clients including USG Boral. In addition to social media audits and strategy, she is adept at content creation and curation, reporting and channel analysis across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Tash works closely with our clients to help them achieve their social objectives and is passionate about how social media has changed the way we communicate.