Like any good recipe for success, the best way to get the most out of the relationship with your agency is to use essential ingredients that most of us can rustle up… openness, honesty and transparency. But unlike most cooking shows on TV these days, the one thing they don’t need is drama!

Outsourcing any component of your business is a tough decision, but these days it’s an essential requirement for cost containment, skills coverage, best practice and growth. But rather than approaching it with dread – think of it as the opportunity to explore new approaches and an extension of your fabulous marketing team.

Common fears are that costs are hidden and accumulate without your knowledge, or that control will be lost and a complete stranger will run away with your brand identity… this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The truth is we want you to succeed. If you are successful, then we are very happy. We have skin in the game in every one of our engagements with clients… if our recommendations don’t bring about a significant shift in results and impact, then our clients won’t come back for more. So we owe it to you and ourselves to create the best ‘recipe for success’.

But it is a two-way street… the more you share, the more open and collaborative you are with your agency, the better the results. We can research your market, competitors and trends that influence your buyers but you know your business better than we do, so don’t hold back!

So next time you take the leap and sign up a marketing agency, think about what can be gained… don’t consider it a loss in any shape or form. The most successful client / agency relationships are built on trust, respect and communication.

Celebrating results is key to happiness and long term success, so invite us to the table early and we’ll be able to help you build a strategy that delivers sustained results and satisfies the needs of all your stakeholders… It may even enhance the engagement and rubbish the idea that ‘marketing just make things look pretty’.

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Your marketing agency can help you be ‘Master Marketers’

Samantha Sinclair
With over two decades of experience in marketing, Samantha has worked across a range of sectors, specialising in ICT and professional services, and built skills across client relationship, marketing strategy and people leadership. She is passionate about customer experience and has built strategies that work to enhance the customer’s journey at every touchpoint.